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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 11 (February 1, 1936)

The Vice in Advice

The Vice in Advice.

On this earth There's no dearth
Of advice.
There may be a drought
Or a famine about,
A slump or depression,
Or other digression,
And yet,
We will bet
That Tom, Dick or Jack
Will ne'er find a lack
Of Advice.

Advice is almost the only commodity one can rely on getting free and freely. Of course, dear reader, this statement does not apply to the variety for which you pay doctors and lawyers and suchlike purveyors of deliberated diagnosis and authenticated opinion; for, when you are reduced to actually paying for advice, you are desperate indeed and probably need it.

We refer to the brand of undeliberated liberation which is so easily given and so seldom taken.

This world teems with people so taunt with a superfluity of good advice, which they are too wise to use themselves, that they have to transfer it to their fellows, or burst.

Thus we meet the fellow who prefers to offer his thirsty friend sound advice on the art of drinking rather than offer a drink; thus the farmer who is able to spend nine-tenths of his day advising his neighbour how to put in posts and potatoes, bring up calves and crops, lay down ensilage and eggs, build barns and bank balances, eradicate weeds and weasels and do all those things which he himself has left undone!