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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 11 (February 1, 1936)

Grandma Looks At Now

Grandma Looks At Now.

But if Grandma goes on talking there is something that causes me (I don't know about you) a faint twinge. Grandma is an expert at fattening the theme of “lolling about in armchairs.” I know many of us do! We come in from a busy afternoon's shopping or sport, hurl our paraphernalia into one arm-chair, and flop—just flop—into another. Not all of us, of course, but more than you would expect, considering our worship of fitness. We have developed an unerring eye for the arm-chair and an increasing desire to “flop.” Even when forced on an uncomfortable piece of furniture, as in a tram, or a launch, or at dinner, we settle ourselves into the attitude of “flop” and do our best to make our surroundings fit us. It is the policy of “flop” that has developed that liking for cushions on floors that some of us evince.

* * *

If only we realized the value of a straight-backed chair! I know a woman, quite elderly now, who always chooses the hardest, stiffest, most unaccommodating chair in a room. But her back! And her walk! She wears her clothes as few of us young ones can. The question before the meeting is: Flop now and incidentally throw our organs slightly out of position every time we do it, or follow Grandma's dictum and walk beautifully all our lives? Shall we?