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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 6 (September 2, 1935)

Features of New British Trains

Features of New British Trains.

Because of the welcome improvement in passenger traffics, many additions have recently been made to the passenger carriage stocks of the group lines. Especially interesting are new vehicles put into service on the Great Western and London and North Eastern systems.

The Great Western have recently turned out of the Swindon shops two new ten-car trains for long-distance excursion working. Each carriage in these trains is 60 ft. long, and designed on the most modern lines. The vehicles are of the saloon type, with seats arranged on either side of a central gangway. The total seating capacity of the two trains is 416 and 384 passengers respectively. Two kitchencars are included in the composition of each train, these being panelled throughout with stainless steel. More spectacular still are the new carriages built by the L. & N.E. Company. These are first-class all-electric restaurant cars for service between King's Cross Station, London, and Scotland. Some 63 ft. 6in. long, each car consists of a dining saloon to seat eighteen persons, a pantry, kitchen, attendants' compartment, and toilet section. In the kitchen, all cooking is carried out electrically. The main cooking-range comprises a roasting oven, steaming oven, grill and hot-water boiler. In addition, there is a boiling-range with six hot-plates for frying and boiling, and a 10-gallon capacity boiling-pan for cooking vegetables.