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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 6 (September 2, 1935)

A Quickly Knitted Bed-Jacket

A Quickly Knitted Bed-Jacket.

(See opposite page for illustrations.)

Materials required: 11 ozs. 4-ply super fingering wool (or silk and wool mixture), pair No. 5 and pair No. 12 knitting needles. Ribbon for waist, 1 ¾ yards.

Measurements: Length from shoulders, 23 inches; length of sleeve, 20 inches. Will fit a small to medium figure.

The Back: Take No. 12 needles and commence at lower edge by casting on 101 stitches. Work in rib K 1, *P 2, K 2, repeat from * to end of row. Repeat this row for 3 ½ inches.

To make slots for waist: K 10, turn, P 10, repeat these 2 rows for 1 ¼ inches (11 rows). Break off wool and knit next 10 stitches like the last. Continue until all slots are made then pearl one row to join the slots. Now change to No. 5 needles and knit 66 rows garter stitch (plain knitting). Cast off three stitches at the beginning of the next two rows, to form the armhole, then knit two together at the beginning of succeeding rows until 89 stitches remain. Change to No. 12 needles and work in rib for 4 ½ inches (this forms a yoke). Cast off.

Fronts: Cast on 61 stitches and work in the same way as the back. After the slots are made change to No. 5 needles. Decrease on the front edge by knitting two stitches together every seventh row until the ribbing is reached. Cast off five stitches at arm-hole and knit two together at the beginning of each succeeding row until 37 stitches remain. At the eighth row of the armhole change to No. 12 needles and knit in ribbing to match the back (4 ½ inches). Cast off.

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Sleeves: Using No. 12 needles, cast on 61 stitches and work in ribbing for 3 ½ inches. Change to No. 5 needles and work in garter stitch the required length of sleeve. Now decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of every row until four stitches remain. Cast off.

Band for Edge of Jacket: Using No. 12 needles, cast on 11 stitches and knit a band the required length in garter stitch.

To make up: Press on wrong side under a damp cloth (do not press the ribbing). Sew the shoulders together, then sew on band, stretching slightly at the neck. Lightly press the joins. Sew in sleeves, then underarm and side seams. Run ribbon through the slots, allowing the garment to fasten in crossover style.

* * *