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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 6 (September 2, 1935)

Present Handicaps

Present Handicaps.

“The working of trains over the Rimutaka Incline between Wellington and Masterton (66 miles) under the present system is very costly and slow, due to the necessity of working by ‘Fell’ engine and special brake-vans. This section of the line is therefore especially suitable, from all points of view, for operation by rail-car.

“At the present time a minimum of four engines is required on each trip—viz., one engine between Wellington and Summit (34 miles), two ‘Fell’ engines between Summit and Cross Creek (3 miles) and one engine between Cross Creek and Masterton (29 miles). A certain amount of ‘light’ or ‘solo’ engine running between the locomotive depots at Upper Hutt and Cross Creek and the Summit, and ‘standing time’ waiting for connections at either Summit or Cross Creek is unavoidable. The time taken in changing over from the ‘Fell’ to the ordinary engines and vice versa at Summit and Cross Creek, also in negotiating the heavy grade on the Incline, makes the over-all time, under present conditions, for the journey between Wellington and Master-ton, very slow.