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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 12 (March 1, 1935)


“Don't you smoke?” queried the affable stranger (who was smoking like a factory-chimney himself) of the young fellow alongside as the Rotorua express sped on its way. “Wish I could!” came the reply, “but” (with a laugh), “it always turns me up!” “It's easy enough to learn,” said the affable one, “get a tin of Riverhead Gold, and roll your own. That won't turn you up! Been trying to learn with a pipe, haven't you?” The other nodded. “That's no good, my dear chap! You take my tip and you'll soon be a smoker!” Three months later they met again—in Queen Street, Auckland. The young fellow pointed with pride to his pipe. “Took your tip,” he said, “it worked like a charm! I'm smoking Navy Cut No. 3 now. It's glorious!” “Nothing like toasted, my boy! Next to no nicotine in it. I don't know its equal.” The genuine toasted has no equal. It is matchless! Only five brands, remember!—Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog), Cavendish, Riverhead Gold and Desert Gold.*

(Rly. Publicity photo.) The Parade in the Birdcage at Trentham.

(Rly. Publicity photo.) The Parade in the Birdcage at Trentham.

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