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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 12 (March 1, 1935)

The Evening Silhouette

The Evening Silhouette.

Bell sleeves for afternoon and bell skirts for evening! In the bell skirt the fullness is at the back, often ending in a slight train. Metallic moires, lamés or velvets are delightful fabrics for this style of gown.

For the slim, yet rounded, nothing could be more beautiful than the pencil or flower stalk silhouette. The frock moulds the figure, fullness being introduced unobtrusively below the knee-line. The shoulder line is widened by means of shoulder frills, the dropped Victorian shoulder line, or capes in material, fur or feathers. One glorious gown was moulded (there is no truer word) in suffle green satin. As its wearer moved, the light glinted and flowed over her. Dipping over one shoulder was a cape of shaded green ostrich feathers, lovely in contrast with her corn-gold hair.

Under the gleam of the electrics, expanses of flesh no longer shine. In other words, backless evening gowns are “out.” Frocks are cut out or slashed in various ways, but the newest mode is the slit back, fastening high at the neck-line. Neck-lines are mostly high and round, or draped.