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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 12 (March 1, 1935)

Fashion Glimpses

Fashion Glimpses.

Chinese Influence.

The swagger coat has departed, and in its stead we have the coolie coat—hip-length, loose-fitting. With its round yoke and link fastening, it gives the correct Chinese coolie line. Another adoption for the successfully slim is the Chinese tunic, a delightful fashion, with its little Chinese collar standing stiffly up round the neck-line.

Russia contributes the Cossack coat with its wide revers, worn with a fur cravat and cap.


Coats and skirts are slim-fitting, fullness in the latter being supplied by inverted pleats. The Norfolk influence is obvious in tweeds. Most tweed suits are belted, and many have patch pockets (four, very often). Buttons are in wood or leather. One autumn suit in heavy linen had an open inverted pleat at the back, giving a quaint, loose effect.


Checks are not nearly so prominent. Dark blouses are “fashion firsts.” The type with saddle shoulders, notched collar and shirt fastening are smart for wear with skirts or suits.


Long, tight sleeves are featured in many new winter frocks. The raglan sleeve is smart. Bell sleeves are new, especially with a tight band of contrasting material peeping out at the wrist.

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