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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2 (May 1, 1934.)

Wool Bedding

Wool Bedding.

Wool is one of the least expensive and the easiest to manipulate of stuffings for amateurs to use for mattress or pillow-making. The raw wool only needs washing in very hot soapy water, with plenty of washing soda. Wash in several hot soapy waters, then rinse it and dry in the sun. If the wool is on the skin it may be combed before it is cut off; it is then ready for using. Otherwise it will need to be teased and separated by hand before being used.

Well stuffed mattresses and pillows are very comfortable. The advantage gained by the wool is that it may be washed and the mattress or pillows remade.

To make a quilt, place the teased wool evenly between two layers of butter-muslin. Tack in position to keep the wool from slipping and becoming bumpy. Slip this between a cover of sateen or satin, and make up like an eider-down quilt. Mark the lines for quilting with the sewing machine or by hand, after the edges have been sewn up. I saw a beautiful wool quilt with a cover of artificial washing satin. It was both effective and inexpensive.