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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

Filling the Gaps in the Wide Open Spaces

Filling the Gaps in the Wide Open Spaces.

When the sun shines like an illuminating slice of golden syrup, the breeze is as light and warm as a gas-man's caress, and all nature glows and palpitates like a new-moan chilblain, he packs a hardboiled specimen of the poulterer's art, a sitting of sandwiches, and the everfaithful banana, and goes hence to fill the gaps in the wide open spaces. Some prefer to ponder in ozoneous ease at the ocean's edge; some like to tackle the perpendicular preponderancies of Nature with hob-nailed socks, alpenstocks and optimism. But wherever they go and however they go, they perpetrate the picnic to escape the mummery of Modernity and the little stings that discount commercial conquest.