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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)


Am examination of the map of the United States will reveal the fact that the cities of Louisville and Nashville, in the States of Kentucky and Tennessee respectively, are but some 187 miles apart. But from this it should not be concluded that the mileage of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, one of America's greatest and oldest lines, is confined to this figure. The L. and N., or the “Old Reliable” as it is sometimes called, is a far-flung system, operating over and entering the thirteen States of Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee. These are, for the greater part, in that section of America known as “The South.” The territory-served is some 500,000 square miles in area with a population of twenty-two million people.