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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

By those who like us

page 40

By those who like us

From Mr. A. F. Melrose, Christchurch, to the District Traffic Manager, Christ-church:—

I feel I cannot allow the occasion to pass without expressing ray appreciation and thanks on behalf of my party and myself for the assistance and attention extended in connection with the Masonic visit to Ashburton recently.

The provision of comfortable and heated carriages, the alteration in the time of departure, and the courtesy of the staff, both at Christchurch and Ashburton, contributed in no small measure to the success of the trip.

* * *

From the Hon. Secretary, Church of England Men's Society Auckland, to the General Manager of Railways, Wellington:—

As Hon. Secretary’ of the Church of England Men's Society, in Auckland, I wish to express appreciation of the assistance rendered me personally by the Stationmaster at Auckland, in connection with the Society's annual Dominion Conference, held here recently.

I was being assisted by one of our local members in meeting trains conveying the visiting delegates to Auckland, and my colleague was down on the railway arrival platform to meet some who were arriving from Rotorua, when I received a telegram, about ten minutes before the train arrived, that another man from Matamata was on the same train. As I live about three miles away from Auckland station, it was quite impossible for me to get down to meet this member. I suddenly thought that I would ring up the Railway station and ask the Station-master if he would be so kind as to help me out of my dilemma. I explained the position, and described my colleague who was on the platform to meet the delegates, at the same time asking if he would get my friend to speak to me on the ‘phone, which he did most courteously, much to my relief and gratitude. It was a real service which I shall always remember and appreciate.

* * *

From Dalgety and Company Ltd., Dunedin, to the District Traffic Manager, Dunedin:—

It is a great pleasure to us to convey to you and your staff not only our buyers', but our own, appreciation of the way the Railways handled the sheep which arrived at Port Chalmers, per “Raranga,” recently. Our Chilian friends, who were at port when the stock was handled, expressed their satisfaction with the Department's consideration and the excellent transport facilities & afforded.

* * *

From Mr. H. B. Armitage, Waiuku, to the Stationmaster-in-Charge, Dargaville:

The New Zealand Railways have added fresh laurels to their fame, by having effected the transfer of my; household goods from; Dargaville to Waiuku without a blemish. Not a chair leg was marked, or a cup broken in transit. Our decision to patronise the Railway in preference to other forms of transport has been fully justified by results.