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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2 (June 1, 1932)

Service That Wins Approval

Service That Wins Approval.

Messrs. M. G. Cummings and G. W. Hadfield, Papanui, Christchurch, write to the General Manager of Railways, Wellington, in the following appreciative terms:—

We should like to express our appreciation of the great service given us by your Stationmaster, Mr. Williams, at Ashburton.

We had been at Fairlie for holidays and were returning home to Christchurch on bicycles. No sooner had we left Washdyke than heavy rain commenced to fall, and continued until we arrived at Ashburton. We were then thoroughly drenched, and thought it best to complete our journey by train. The train was not due to leave Ashburton for an hour and a half, and we were feeling very miserable in our wet clothes. We asked the Stationmaster if there were any fires at the station by which we could dry ourselves. He urged us not to sit by a fire, as he said it might, in the circumstances, endanger our health. Instead, he took us to his home, offered us a hot bath, and gave us a complete change of clothing, and his wife gave us a hot drink and food. We then continued our journey by train to Christchurch. Through the kindness shewn to us in our predicament, Mr. Williams and his wife have earned our lasting gratitude.

* * *

From Mr. Alex. Latham, F.C.A.A., Matamata, to the General Manager of Railways, Wellington:—

Whilst standing on the platform at Matamata station this morning the relieving stationmaster approached me and very courteously enquired if there was anything he could do for me.

There wasn't, as it happened, because I was merely taking a few minutes off from my office to see the train passing through to Rotorua, but the thoughtfulness of your officer was very much appreciated nevertheless.

I feel certain that if that kind of action is taken by all your stationmasters throughout the service, much lost business will be regained to the Railways.

Just a little thing in itself, perhaps, but your officer's manner was pleasing to me.