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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2 (June 1, 1932)

More Luxurious Services

More Luxurious Services.

British steam-operated main-lines, like those operated electrically, are being
The Pride Of Britain's Southern Railway. The “Southern Belle,” London-Brighton Express.

The Pride Of Britain's Southern Railway.
The “Southern Belle,” London-Brighton Express.

given more luxurious services by the provision of new passenger stock. On the Great Western Railway eight new luxury saloons have just been constructed in the Swindon shops, to operate in the boat trains service between Plymouth and Paddington terminus, London. By consent of His Majesty the King, they each bear on their exterior the name of a member of the Royal Family, the cars having been christened respectively “King George,” “Queen Mary,” “Prince of Wales,” “Duke of York,” “Duke of Gloucester,” “Duchess of York,” “Princess Mary,” and “Princess Elizabeth.”

The carriage bodies are 60ft. long. Each carriage comprises one large and one small saloon, a coupé compartment, lavatory, vestibule, and enclosed accommodation for luggage. The coupé compartment has no windows on the corridor side, this with the idea of giving increased privacy. Outside panels on sides, ends and roof, are of steel, and there is fitted the latest type of suspension gangway. The carriages are luxuriously furnished inside. In the large saloon there are four chairs to each double table at one side of the gangway, and two chairs to a single table on the other side. The small saloon has two chairs to one table on either side of the gangway, and the coupé compartment has four chairs to one double table. This arrangement gives seating accommodation for seventeen persons in the large saloon, eight in the small saloon, and four in the coupé section. An additional fare of ten shillings, over the ordinary passenger fare, is levied for travel in these super-luxury vehicles between Plymouth and London.