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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2 (June 1, 1932)

A Beauty Hint

A Beauty Hint.

This life—its artificiality, its excessive nerve-strain—its worry and concentration demands from us more than Nature has granted in many ways—and chiefly does it take its toll from our eyes. In primitive society our ancestors used their eyes to satisfy their needs—to scan distant horizons in search of enemies; to glance sharply into the undergrowth for hidden prey; to send messages of love across the shadows of some cave. They were exercised constantly—but never unduly. Now it is quite uncommon to see anyone over 30 without glasses—and most of us are familiar with the sensation of fatigue and strain which follows a day of typing; of following innumerable tantalizing black figures; of study in an artificial light.

Far too many young girls to-day are losing their youthful freshness and charm, marred by heavy eye-lids, dark shadows and those tell-tale “crow's feet.”

Complexions, generally, are very much improved because they are carefully and scientifically studied—but remember that your eyes are far more important, because they are your most attractive feature and can do for you what your tongue refuses to undertake—for it is too crude and clumsy an implement.

This simple method will help you tremendously towards achieving beauty—but it must be done regularly and persistently. Put a dab of cold cream on each lid, then massage very gently, only a butterfly touch, away from the bridge of the nose. Do this for five minutes every night. Under the eyes, where lurk those shadows and pouches, dab also this healing, life-giving cream to the tired skin and this time massage towards the nose — gently soothing, stimulating the blood vessels. Now hold for three minutes a pad of hot water over each eye; followed by one as cold as you can stand.

Try to rest your eyes for a few minutes during the day; try never to read in a bad light, and remember that sleep is beauty's indispensable servant, without whom she is powerless. Let your eyes be clear and perfect “windows of the soul”—let them speak of youth and health and “joie de vivre.”