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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2 (June 1, 1932)

Per Petrol Motion

Per Petrol Motion.

What becomes of all the time he saves per petrol motion? If Time were jam he might spread it to advantage over his daily dread, but being a prodigal son-of-a-gun, he wastes more time than he saves, and his celerity is as little use to him as a water-blister in the Sahara. The situation is summed up with celerity by the Bard of Bowser, in free air, thus:

“Where are you going to my pretty mad?”
“I'm going a'gadding sir, by gad!”
“But why all the scurry and why all the buzz?”
“Well, why not, I ask you, when ev'ryone does?”
“But why in the name of all reason and rhyme,
“Do you spend your brief brevity cutting down time?”
“Oh, ‘can’ all the carping and don't be a ‘fuzz,’
“Why not, you old fossil, when ev'ryone does?
“You surely don't want me to get on the ‘blink,’
“And use my mentality merely to think,
“When Time is important and Rush is the rage—
“Go step on the gravy and be your right age!”