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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 7 (February 1, 1932.)

An Excellent Performance

An Excellent Performance

An example of the keen spirit which is permeating the railway service was seen in the Christchurch goods yard a few days before Christmas (says the Christchurch “Star”). A truck, with coal which was urgently wanted by a North Canterbury farmer, developed a structural defect and was not allowed to leave the yard. The damage was discovered at 3.20 a.m., and the head shunter had orders to attach the truck to a train leaving at 4.30 a.m. He at once pressed a couple of men into service, obtained another truck and seventy minutes later the six tons of coal had been shovelled from one truck to the other. The job was completed before the 4.30 a.m. train left and the farmer got his coal on time.