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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 5 (November 2, 1931)

For Bigger Business

For Bigger Business.

Slumps may come and slumps may go, but the traffic streams run on forever. To remember this has a tonic effect in times of depression, because the pessimistic will everywhere see abundant signs of vitality in transport. When the Americans spent sixty million dollars in connecting New York and New Jersey (across the Hudson) with a suspension bridge claiming the longest span (for the moment) in the world, they are not sinking this enormous sum in a gamble. They know, and every calm thinking person knows—that the wheels of commerce will continue to go round, and presently faster than before. The quest for the biggest bridge and the biggest ship has not been halted because business has temporarily sagged. Far from that, the wires of the Hudson river bridge are tuned to livelier measure than ever. Each foot of “wire” weighs nearly 30001b.