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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 5 (November 2, 1931)

November fashions

November fashions

Why not make yourself a “chic” little coat and skirt for the warm days to come? It is time now to think of summer, of the holidays and of sunshine, and you suddenly feel a great desire to have something very sweet and fresh and young to express the mood which we all feel when winter slips away into the shadows, and our thick skirts and page 62 woollen jumpers are gladly hidden in wardrobes. So many of us will be tremendously “hard-up” this summer; the slump is demanding the strictest economy, and many of our visions of spring frocks will have to remain “castles in the air.” We have to study utility, and the business girl will have to consider what is going to be most useful to her. She needs something smart, inexpensive, and simple; something which will allow her to look well dressed for a reasonable price. Here is the very thing for office wear, for shopping, and for the city, in December and January—a linen costume, which you can make for the sum of one pound! Buy four yards of Liberty linen, soft, uncrushable stuff, artistically designed in the most attractive colours and patterns. Make a sleeveless blouse with a cross-over wide colour; then a flared or pleated hip; yoke skirt, moderately long. There is your frock for indoors, tennis or picnics; add a little straight coat of the same material and you have your costume, fresh, dainty and useful. You can wear a wide-brimmed straw, a white beret, or a “bowler” and you will be clad for almost any occasion.

* * *