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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 5 (November 2, 1931)

The Fastest Train in the World

The Fastest Train in the World.

Running over a network of lines and threading its way through a maze of other trains pouring into and crossing its track at eleven different points, the Cheltenham Flyer to-day regains for Britain the world's record for the fastest “start to stop” express.

Its previous record of 66.2 miles per hour was beaten in April by a Canadian Pacific Railway train, which raised the figure to 68.9 miles per hour. Now the Flyer has been retimed, and from to-day will continue to do the 77 1/4 miles between Swindon and Paddington in 67 minutes, at an average speed of 69.18 miles per hour. The fact that this speed is achieved in the ordinary course of everyday railway operations, without any special preparations to track or engine, and in daily competition with thousands of other trains, puts it foremost in the world of speed records,—C. S. Lock, in the London Star, 14/9/31.