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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 1, 1931)

The Emergency Bell

The Emergency Bell.

In this work of art, the Queen and Prince Albert are depicted with “a few of the Royal children” and two ladies-in-waiting.

In spite of the excellent view of Windsor Castle shewn in the background and the upholstering in red and gold, the Royal party is seen seated with expressions of some restraint.

One of the most interesting objects is the end of a guard's van fitted with a communication cord.

In those days the cord ran outside the carriage windows, so that anyone who had occasion to use it had to cross the carriage, let down the window, lean out, and grope for the cord.

Years ago many of the third-class carriages were open to the sky, and there is page 24 an example here of such a carriage which was used by the Southern Railway on the Bodmin and Wadebridge Line in Cornwall. The buffers were of solid wood. First-class carriages were covered and had buffers stuffed with horse-hair.

The museum has its own little “chamber of horrors.” Here are forged bank notes and coins, and other curious relics.