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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 1, 1931)

Your Skin in Winter

Your Skin in Winter

We read in novels that “the young girl rushes in from a brisk walk in the icy blast, her cheeks glowing, the very spirit of freshness and beauty.” And there is no reason why winter should detract at all from her charms if she prepares sensibly for the rough kisses of the southerly, just as she does for fierce Lord Sun in the summer. Yet many girls simply dread the winter as a time of sore lips, most unattractive red noses rather than flushed cheeks, and a skin which cracks and peels for three miserable months. It is impossible for a woman with perfect features to appear in any way to advantage if she allows a delicate, sensitive skin to be exposed to a ruthless climate. The damage may be permanent, whereas with a little care and thought she need fear nothing. Spend a little less time on your clothes and a little more on a scientific understanding of the skin, and you will be amply rewarded.

It is a woman's birthright to have a lovely, clear, radiant complexion, yet so many of us abuse our privilege and overestimate its durability. Fresh air is essential to beauty, whether it be winter or summer, but a few simple precautions must be taken.

In the first place, never dream of going out into the cold air immediately after washing your face in warm water. The pores of the skin are open, and its texture is immediately coarsened. This applies also to the use of cream and powder—always bathe the face with cold water, which is a tonic for the muscles as well. By the way, use as little soap as possible in winter, it dries up the natural oils of the skin; also, increase your application of cold cream when returning from outdoors and before retiring. Never go out without some protection—face cream carefully rubbed in and rather more powder than in summer. A protective “armour” against the wind is thus formed; but always remove it before applying more. A skin lotion for the very delicate skin is advisable.