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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 1, 1931)

The One-Way Mind

The One-Way Mind.

Adventure stands at every cross-road and only the dun-grey kind with the oneway mind ignore him. But the variety-artist knows what his nose knows and goes where his nose goes, for it's hinged, although apparently unhinged, and if it leads him into trouble it also teaches him the scent of it. Ruts are not made by the wheels of Destiny, but by the cart of Care, and to stick in them is to be in the cart. It is dangerous to tread the treads of temperament, follow trains of thought to the terminus, and explore the existence of existence, but it is also dangerous to take a breath of air for there are more possibilities in a lung-full of atmosphere than there are in an invitation to a meeting of the Heads in New Guinea. Days are either days or daze according to the temper of the tempter. To the tempestuous, every day is different from every other day, and no day is a mere stitch in Time. Every day is a reveille to revalues, a parade of possibilities, and a muster of the mustard. Making a “bust” of life is not making the best of it, but taking it all in all it is all or pall.