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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2 (June 1, 1931)

By Those Who Like Us

page 48

By Those Who Like Us

From Mr. S. Gray, Greymouth, to the Hon. Minister of Railways, Wellington:—

I desire to place on record my appreciation of the honesty and courtesy of Railway officials during the holiday season.

A friend of mine left my attache case, containing some very valuable articles, in the midnight Christ-church-bound train, recently. He alighted at Rolleston, assuring me that the case was in his possession, but after events showed this to be incorrect. The case was not locked, not labelled, nor did it contain my address.

Immediately after becoming aware of my loss I made enquiries of the Stationmasters at Rolleston and Springfield and they kindly telephoned other stations notifying them of my loss.

The attache case, with all its contents, was recovered and returned to me—thanks to the honesty of the Guard of the Christchurch train passing through Rolleston the following day.

At a time when these officials were probably working at high pressure, I regard their services as very valuable, rendered even more so by the courtesy shown by them.

* * *

From the District Commissioner of Boy Scouts for South Taranaki to the General Manager of Railways, Wellington:—

I returned from Wellington last evening by the special train which conveyed the Taranaki Scouts and Guides to attend the inspection by Lord and Lady Baden-Powell at the Basin Reserve, Wellington, and am writing on behalf of the Taranaki Scouts and Guides to express our appreciation of the liberal concession in fares that was made by your Department to enable the Scouts and Guides to travel to Wellington to meet their Chief. It was thus made possible for a party of over five hundred Scouts and Guides from Taranaki to go to Wellington, many of whom could not otherwise have afforded the trip. The whole arrangements made by the Department, both as to fares and refreshments en route, were excellent. In particular I would like to mention the very great help and courtesy we all received from the Guard, who quite excelled himself in looking after the young people and making arrangements ahead for tea and other refreshments to be available wherever required.

The whole trip was a most enjoyable one, to which your Department and staff very largely contributed.

* * *

From the Officer Commanding (Captain L. A. A. Rhodes) the 12th Battery, New Zealand Artillery, Dunedin, to the District Traffic Manager, Dunedin:—

May I take the liberty of thanking you for the most efficient way your staff dealt with the shunting operations in connection with the unloading of the horses and guns of my Battery on arrival at the Dunedin Yards. Your men were most helpful and studied us in every way, and I cannot help but voice my appreciation of the smooth manner in which everything was performed.