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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 10 (February 1, 1930)

Growing your Hair

Growing your Hair

Everyone seems to be doing it now, but in my opinion very few will persevere because it is such a nuisance to grow. What is the benefit of long hair? Many (especially men) think that a woman shorn of her “crowning glory” is devoid of any attraction whatsoever. They shrug their superior shoulders and make the best of it, and now they hail with great joy the rumour that woman, the ever capricious—has decided to grow her locks once more. You will find that although a number of us are enduring the discomfort of a growing mane—yet the majority are still in favour of the shingle and the bob—and in my opinion always will be. Before you decide to be ahead of the fashion consider the question carefully. Perhaps you think that long hair really suits you better, but as a general rule—girls always look just as attractive with a shingle. And think of the nuisance of brushing and washing—of buying hats—of hair-pins! How antique they sound—reminiscent of crinolines and bustles. The girl with flowing tresses thinks twice about a plunge in the sea before dinner and we can't blame her. From all points of view the shingle and the bob are sensible, attractive and healthy. In this modern age we haven't a minute to waste—simplicity is our slogan and common sense and comfort our watchwords—the glory of a heavy mass of shining hair must be a thing of the past. But because we have made this sacrifice upon the altars of comfort and relinquished what has always been considered by the poets our greatest beauty—there is no earthly reason why our hair—or what we still have of it—should not be beautiful. The great temptation of short hair is to neglect it—a quick run of the comb and we are tidy and satisfied, while the brush which played such an important part in the toilets of our mothers—lies neglected on the dressing-table. We can't hope to have soft shining shingles and bobs if we are content with a hasty combing or if we are stupid enough to have our hair waved so that we are afraid to brush it. Far better to have beautiful straight hair than dull half-dead waves. This fad of the “water-wave” will soon die, and it is just as well. In my opinion if nature endowed you with curls, so much the better—but otherwise stick to your straight mop. Brush it thoroughly twice a day, don't wash it two or three times a week, and for goodness sake don't grow it. Perhaps in the years to be poets and painters will be worshipping deities with shining shingles!