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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)

Our Magazine — Some Recent Tributes — “Cheap at Double the Price.”

page 22

Our Magazine
Some Recent Tributes
“Cheap at Double the Price.”

The latest issue of the New Zealand Railways Magazine bears the stamp of progress on every page. With a wealth of constructive and informative material goes a good deal of humour, an outstanding story being the recent experience of a Dunedin pillow porter with a member of the Scots community: “How much?” asked McTavish when he saw the attendant with the pillows. “One shilling,” was the reply. “I'll take three,” said McTavish instantly. Staggered, the porter asked what on earth he wanted three for. “Why,” ejaculated McTavish, becoming suddenly suspicious and buttoning up, “can't we keep them?“—New Zealand Free Lance.

* * *

I would like to send you a note of appreciation concerning your magazine. Personally I find it an extremely interesting journal, well abreast of the times. The illustrations are excellent, and the letterpress is full of “meat” served up in good literary style.

The magazine is of great use to me in my school work, each number being eagerly read by the children—in fact, every copy I have is always in the hand of some child (who is, by the way, a potential client of yours), and the waiting list is as long as the class.

—Chas. W. Boswell, M.A.

* * *

Might I add a word of praise for your magazine, as it is a credit to the New Zealand Railways for the way in which it is compiled.

The pictures of scenery are great and are themselves silent callers to the holiday-maker to spend his vacation in New Zealand.

—Mr. F. Armstrong, 126 Melbourne St., North Adelaide, Australia.

New Zealand Railways Magazine.—This magazine is apparently published with a dual purpose in view; first, to provide the Railway staff with a “house journal” similar to that put out by the large industrial concerns, and second, to stimulate public interest in the railways themselves…. This dual purpose is managed very well indeed. The illustrations are exceedingly well chosen, and the production is of a high-class order. The July number is particularly good in this respect: a lovely scene of Lake Hanlon in the Karamea district takes front place, and there are some excellent scenes of the Buller Gorge before the earthquake. Views of other beauty spots are given, they being taken from Tongariro National Park, the Waihapu River, Cape Foulwind, and some other bush scenery. Mr. Ken. Alexander's humorous contributions are in excellent vein and highly original. Mr. James Cowan contributes “Down the Buller.” Professor T. A. Hunter contributes a very thoughtful and thought-provoking article “Adult Education,” and H. Collett assists with “A Jungle Interlude.” These features ensure general interest and judiciously mixed therewith are interesting data concerning the New Zealand Railways. It is a commendable production.—Wanganui Chronicle.

* * *

New Zealand Railways Magazine for July carries an arresting cover and the material between the covers indicates that it is getting into its stride as an entertaining and instructive publication. The N.Z.R.M. is well and ably edited.—Feilding Star.

* * *

New Zealand Railways Magazine.—A most readable, well-written, and beautifully got up-magazine. We congratulate you. It is quite worthy of the Department and of every support.—The New Zealander.