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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)

Your Tennis Frocks

Your Tennis Frocks

Just a few words about your tennis “rig” for the summer. Materials are very cheap this season, and we can all have dozens of frocks. Make them as plain and as comfortable as ever you can. Remember that they can only be worn once, and think of the misery of ironing countless pleats! White always looks nicest on the courts —fresh, cool, and youthful — and you can wear any gay and vivid jumper or cardigan with it “No sleeves” is the request of all tennis players—a good service demands absolute freedom of arm movement. Make your skirts split or with a few side pleats, which are easy to iron and which give the necessary fullness for a true “Lenglen” leap.

Don't attempt any frills or “effects”—nothing is more out of place and in worse taste. Remember that simplicity is the keynote of style for your tennis frock.

As for shoes and stockings—white, of course. You will find that heels on your tennis shoes will make that extra set possible, and that tennis “socks” save your feet wonderfully. Again I should advise you to have plain white—no coloured bands. A shield for your eyes will improve your game and will also keep back those annoying wisps of hair (even when it is shingled).

Of course it seems hardly necessary to say this—jewellery is quite out of the question on the courts. Yet I have seen, and not infrequently, pearls, vivid beads, and even ear-rings adorning the tennis girl. There are times for these, but this is certainly not one of them!

I think many of us can condescend to follow the example of men in our sports clothes—let them be simple and useful, designed for comfort and service, and at the same time attractive and smart by their very simplicity.

The tennis season is in full swing—so now is the time to consider your wardrobe!.