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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 5 (September 1, 1929)

Metallurgical Music

Metallurgical Music.

But let us consider music calmly and without malice aforethought. In the early days, when music was a vocation, confined to the vocality of bird and beast, and the swanee whistle had not yet been derived from the gum-chewing giggler, the boast that “music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,” might have had some foundation in truth, but in these enblightened days of metallurgical music, when the mania of the mob finds expression in the clashing of tinware, the bashing of ivory, the braying of infuriated fauna, and the howling of compressed air, all amalgamated in a medley remindful of an iron foundry rampant, a company of carnivora crying for meat, and a battalion of “Bolshie bottle-os,” it is possible that the simplest methods of soothing the “savage breast,” would be to swat it a wallop with some blunt wind-instrument.