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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 5 (September 1, 1929)

Puia and Wai-Ariki

Puia and Wai-Ariki.

A great geyser called Rahurahu was once the most wonderful sight at Orakei-Korako. It is said to have thrown its boiling water to a height of a hundred feet or more. It has moderated its pace these days; but a geyser has many moods and it may become the most furious puia at any moment. Here are little geysers thumping and splashing away quite close to the hurrying waters of Waikato. There is a delicious bathing pool, or series of pools, supplied by an intermittent geyser on the papa-kohatu. The water is similar to that of the Rachel bath at the Rotorua Sanatorium and the Oil Bath at Whakarewarewa. It is soft and silky to the skin, the most pleasant bath that can possibly be imagined, grateful indeed to one's weary body after a long ride or walk. To cool the hot waters to the right bathing temperature use is made of a convenient brooklet of cold water running down through the Manuka bushes close by.