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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 11 (March 1, 1929)

Smart New Ideas in Trimmings

Smart New Ideas in Trimmings.

Two innovations in the manner of finishing are illustrated in all sorts of garments. One is the use of an edge of bright metal in small points or scallops on gowns, coats, hats, bags and shoes. Another is the use of a crocheted scallop done with beads, silk or yarn. This is a quaint fancy, which is to be seen on envelope purses of silk, cloth or suede, and on small cases of different styles. Cases that are covered with black or dark coloured silk or moire are finished daintily with a crocheted stitch in steel, silver or gilt beads, and some pretty cases shaped like small envelopes made or white moire are finished in this manner with fine crystal beads.

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