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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 11 (March 1, 1929)

Notes from Paris

Notes from Paris.

Neckwear.—In Paris there is a rage for dainty lace for lingerie finishings to simple little frocks, and you see little fichus to fit a small V-neck, or waist-coat fronts trimmed with narrow lace frills for open bodices. An ecru lace collar looks well on a plain black satin or velvet frock, especially if there are gauntlet cuffs to match. For the afternoon it is beads when it isn't lingerie, and with them you must be sure that they are in the right colour note for the dress.

The Belt. — The belt is always with us. It is sometimes made of soft leather lined with material to match the jumper or dress over which it goes, and the buckle is covered with the material in any case. When a belt is not worn, then a sash is. It can be just a narrow ribbon, satin or velvet, or it can be a very wide sash worn round the hips and bunched behind to fall in two long ends to the hem of the skirt. When the wide, important sash is worn, the dress is always just as simple as it can be. A sash is something to consider seriously, as on a slender girlish figure it looks very graceful and feminine, not boyish; styles are growing every day in Paris.

* * *