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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 11 (March 1, 1929)

What's in a Name!

What's in a Name!

A woman entered a savings bank and placed £10, which she wished to deposit, in front of the receiving clerk. He pushed out the book for her signature and said:

“Sign on this line, please, madam?”

“My whole name?”

“Yes, please.”

“Before Oi was married?”

“No, just as it is now.”

“And my husband's name?”

“Sign your name, Mrs. and your husband's name; or Mrs., your Christian name and then your husband's name; or Mrs. and your husband's full name; or merely sign your Christian name and your husband's surname. Write it as is your usual habit of signing.”

“But, sorr, Oi can't wroite,” replied the woman.

* * *

Smith: “It is not the cost of the car that worries the average motorist, but the upkeep.”

Jones: “And sometimes the turnover.”

* * *