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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7 (November 1, 1928)

Railway Excursion to Mt. Egmont

page 61

Railway Excursion to Mt. Egmont

The recent railway excursion to Mt. Egmont was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all who participated in it. Hawera town (the base from which excursionists set off for Mt. Egmont) again lived up to its reputation for hospitality, and gave the excursion party a splendid welcome on arrival from Wellington. The railway station was crowded with townspeople, and the Hawera Pipe Band, which was in attendance, added interest to the proceedings. Excellent arrangements had been made at the various hotels for the reception of the excursionists.

Sharp at 8 o'clock the following morning the excursion party left for their objective—Mt. Egmont, which could be seen in the distance. The drive from Hawera to the mountain—especially the last three miles over the magnificent fern-arched bush road continually winding and increasing in altitude to 3,000 feet high, was exceedingly delightful and invigorating.

Turning the last corner of this road we suddenly came in view of the Dawson Falls Hostel. Here we joined the various parties and started off for the snow and higher peaks.

With several rests on the track, to recover our “second wind,” and to annoint ourselves with anti-snow burn ointment which the guide kindly gave us, we followed in his footsteps, and within a sort time of leaving the Mountain House arrived at the snow level. Here we met a party coming down who were enjoying the thrills of glissading, and we pushed on higher up with eager anticipation.

A beautiful view was obtained from here. Ngauruhoe (7,515ft), Tongariro (6,458ft), could be seen very clearly, and also the towns of Stratford, Eltham and Hawera, and a good portion of the coast line.

A sharp breeze was coming across this higher level, and we unwillingly had to turn back as time was short. Then came our turn for the joys of glissading! The guide and two members of our party sat on the slide together, and, pushing ourselves off, we commenced our downward rush through the air, with a spray of icy snow showering us.

Arrived at the Hostel once more, we changed our soiled garments, and had an excellent dinner.

Then piling into the buses we started on the trip back to Hawera, with a “Good-bye Wellington!” from the other visitors and our new found friends, the members of the Mt. Egmont Alpine Club. Many thanks are due to the members of this Club and the Railway Department for such an enjoyable week-end.

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