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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7 (November 1, 1928)

Surfacemen to Gangers:

Surfacemen to Gangers:

Adolph, E. E., to Gr. 2, Ahuroa.

Christiansen, C. A., to Gr. 2, Piriaka.

Edmonds, J. H., to Gr. 2, Wayby.

Hughes, E. B., to Gr. 2, Puketutu.

Jackson, E. S., to Gr. 2, Pukehina.

Kershaw, J., to Gr. 2, Rangataua.

Leeks, R. L., to Gr. 2, Mataroa.

Levet, W., to Gr. 2, Athenree.

Neeson, J. W., to Gr. 2, Rotorua.

Sloss, H. E., to Gr. 2, Oio.

Stevens, T. G., to Gr. 2, Gardner's Siding.

Wadsworth, L. H., to Gr. 2, Glenhope.

Waite, E. A., to Gr. 2, Taipuha.

Young, P., to Gr. 2, Athenree.