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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7 (November 1, 1928)

Of Feminine Interest Fashion Notes

page 57

Of Feminine Interest Fashion Notes.

Simple and attractive is the slip-on frock with the three-tiered skirt. It is a lovely frock made of plain or printed crepe satin or crepede-chine with bindings of a harmonizing colour

* * *

Beauty Hints.

Beauty is mostly a skin game—just a matter of complexion. Therefore, in guarding our health and our skin, we have the first aids to beauty. Don't forget that health is the foundation of beauty, and she who builds her temple upon a less sound foundation must expect only the fragments to be saved from the ruins caused by neglect.

An Orange a Day.

An inactive liver is often responsible for a sallow skin. An orange eaten first thing in the morning, followed by a glass of hot water sipped slowly is good for both liver and complexion.

A good steaming with hot wet towels followed by a brisk patting all over with the tips of the fingers is a splendid thing for the skin. The skin around and behind the ears and around the nose should be briskly rubbed and the cheek bones sharply patted in a circular movement. Don't neglect these facial exercises if you desire to avoid wrinkles and a dry looking skin.

Don't allow the muscles of your body to become flabby. Exercise them, for firm muscles greatly add to the appearance of youth. Women who from long years of inactivity have allowed themselves to grow stout and out of shape, will regain the grace and slenderness of youth if they will take plenty of exercise, give up the lounging habit, and cultivate an erect carriage of body.

Care of the Feet.

Sore feet hasten the advent of old age. Make it a bi-weekly rule to bathe tired feet in hot water, to which you have added a tablespoonful of ordinary common salt. When thoroughly dry, rub the soles of the feet, very gently, with a smooth piece of pumicestone for some minutes. This will bring immediate relief to tired, overworked feet.

* * *

Home Notes.

To keep lettuce or celery fresh and crisp for several days, separate the leaves or stalks, wash well and tie loosely in a cloth, then place on the ice. If no ice be available, place in an earthenware dish with a lid on.

To remove machine oil from white garments or woollen clothing, cover with chalk moistened with ammonia.

To keep the hands soft and white when doing housework, wash them carefully after doing any dirty work and rub in a mixture of 3oz. of almond oil and the juice of a lemon, shaken together. This also keeps the nails in good condition. This quantity will last a long time.

Camphorated oil gives instant relief if rubbed into the hands when they are smarting from rough work or cold winds.

When washing new sheets or table linen for the first time, soak them overnight. The dressing used in their finish will otherwise make the water hard and spoil the soapsuds. Add two handfuls of ordinary salt to the water used for soaking. This brings out the lime dressing.

Cornflour is excellent for polishing cutlery and silverware.

To clean a sponge, add a tablespoonful of salts of lemon to a quart of boiling water and soak the sponge in it for an hour; rinse thoroughly and dry in the sun.

If a rug be badly creased or inclined to curl at the ends, turn it upside down on a bare floor and damp the back with a wet broom. Then stretch it tightly, tack down with rustless tacks and leave till next day.

Mix black-lead with methylated spirits. It dries quicker, is easier to polish and gives a more lasting finish.