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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7 (November 1, 1928)

Model Engineering — Society Formed in Wellington

page 50

Model Engineering
Society Formed in Wellington.

Readers of the Magazine will be interested in the recent announcement that a Model Engineering Society, with a membership of approximately fifty, has been formed in Wellington. The formation of the Society was due to the efforts of Mr. L. S. K. Murray, whose interesting model locomotive “Maori Chief” was featured in our July issue.

A letter to the editor of the Magazine from Mr. L. S. McGregor, hon. secretary of the new society (The Wellington Model Engineering Society) conveys the following information, which we print for the benefit of our readers: —

“Mr. Murray and another member of the Society (Mr. E. R. Rogers) have donated a model “Battleship” and “Sailing Ship,” respectively, and, if the necessary permission is granted by the Under-Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs, the Society proposes raffling these models before Christmas. Should this prove successful, the Society will be placed on a good financial footing to commence operations, and it will also allow the membership fee to be kept at a minimum. This is a course that is desirable, in that it will allow of a number of youths serving their apprenticeship joining the Junior Section.

It is proposed to procure a room for use as a workshop, which will be fitted up with a lathe; drill, a small range of tools, etc., for use by members in their model making. The workshop will also be used for lectures, etc., on all classes of model work. A series of lectures is at present being arranged by the committee.

We hope to be working in full swing by Christmas, and, by all accounts, we are assured of a good membership.

Should any of your readers, or members of the Railway Service, desire to join up with us, they are cordially invited to do so. Mr. Murray, of Spear and Murray, Willis Street, Wellington, will be only too pleased to furnish any information desired, and if names and addresses are forwarded to me (at 5, Harrison Street, Brooklyn, Wellington) a notice regarding the next meeting will be sent. This, I think, will be the third Wednesday in November.

The Society will have its own badge (the price being about 2/6) which will, more than likely, be enfaced with the front of an engine.

Intending members can be assured without a doubt that the Society has a future full of success.”