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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7 (November 1, 1928)

Deferred Response

Deferred Response.

But a very great deal of very successful advertising, indeed, is done on behalf of articles which will not be bought by anyone till the arrival of the proper time. You cannot imagine a man seizing his hat and coat and running into the street to buy a camera. Yet the advertising of cameras has been done with sensational success.

I am convinced that I shall not paper or paint my drawing-room till next spring. Nothing that you could say about wall papers would induce us in my house to undergo the ordeal of a spring cleaning in the autumn months. And yet my education about wall papers and house paints is going on all the time, and may eventually end in some reward to the firm which conducts it. I should not perhaps buy a new easy chair unless I was upheaving my present house or removing into a new one—yet easy chairs are advertised and not without the best commercial results. This then is the appeal to the sub-conscious mind. It is like the sowing of seed which seems to fall into the ground and die until it comes to life again in the harvest.