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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 1, 1928)

“Toyland”—For the Little Ones

page 16

Toyland”—For the Little Ones

“Well, here we are once again!”

It was the toy horse who spoke, as he trotted across the table where he had been standing so still before the clock struck the midnight hour.

“Yes, here we are again!” repeated the little blue soldier, as he laid aside his gun. “Oh! I am stiff! You know that gun gets heavy after awhile.” He stretched his arms as he spoke, then turned quickly round to assist the Spanish Lady doll from her place among the boxes.

In Toyland. (Photo W. W. Stewart) The Little Locomotive Engineer.

In Toyland.
(Photo W. W. Stewart)
The Little Locomotive Engineer.

“Good Evening, Master Soldier. I am pleased to see you so fit again! And how well groomed you look, Grey Beauty! Why, what ever is the matter little dancing doll?”

The little pink and white dancing doll had just joined the party, and she was sobbing bitterly. The front of her ballet dress was quite limp from the tears that had fallen upon it!

“Oh, dear! I am so lonely! Do yow know a lady came in to-day and bought my dancing partner! She, she s'said, she c'couldn't afford to b'buy both of us!” And she cried harder than ever.

“Well! Well! Well! What is the matter now?” squeaked the Jack-in-the-box, as he bounced up from his box.

“Her dancing partner is sold,” explained the toy horse, and he looked sad too!

“Oh, don't cry little dancing doll!” soothed Master Jack. “I heard the lady tell the Boss that she will come in next Friday and buy you. She hadn't enough money to buy you both together,” and he patted her hand.

“Oh, did you really hear her say that?”

“Sure, I did.”

The little dancing doll cheered up, and she smiled through her tears.

“Oh! How relieved I feel!”

“Hey!” cried the Spinning Top as he whirled up to them. “How about a game?”

“Oh, yes!” croaked the toy frog. “Let's have a game of leap-frog!” and he started by leaping over the little dancing doll.

What a lovely game they had! And they played and played till they couldn't play any more. They sat down to rest for awhile, while the Storybook told a story.

“Oh, I would love a cup of tea!” sighed the Spanish Lady, “I am so thirsty!”

“Well, then,” said the Teapot, “I'll make you some if the Cups and Jug and Kettle will help!”

“Why, of course we'll help!” chorused the Teaset. “We'll have a tea party.”

“Oh, how lovely!” chimed in the little dancing doll. “And I know where the biscuits are kept! I'll go and get some,” and off she went.

How busy they all were for a while! And what a merry company they were as they sat round the little table! The toy engine told the funniest story going, and afterwards the music-box played the loveliest tunes!

“Let's have a game of hide-and-seek!”

Off they went again, the gayest little party in the world, and the happiest. Then suddenly, in the midst of the fun—ding dong! ding dong! “Time to knock off!” warned the clock as he struck the hour.

One by one the little toys scrambled back to their boxes.

“Good night, Toyland! We'll meet again tomorrow night! Good night!”