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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 9 (January 1, 1928)

Useful Definitions of Tool Parts

Useful Definitions of Tool Parts.

The Base, is the side of the shank which rests against the tool support that takes the pressure of the cut.

The Tap Face, is that part of the tool which takes the friction of the chip as it is cut from the material.

The Rake, is the angle at which the top face is presented to the material. It is usually a combination of side and front cutting angle (the knife and parting tools being the exceptions, although one has front and the other side clearance).

The Profile, is the plan when looking down at the top face. It is determined by the combination of the side and front angles of the cutting edges.

The Clearance, is that part of the tool nose that is ground away to prevent rubbing on the material whilst cutting. If measured from the nose it is called “front clearance,” but if from the side, “side clearance.”

The Radius, is the amount of curve or corner between the front and side angles round the cutting edge or point.