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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 9 (January 1, 1928)

Accidents and the Motor

Accidents and the Motor.

“According to the National Safety First Association of Great Britain (says ‘The Red Cross Courier’—published by the American National Red Cross), the number of motor car fatalities has doubled, keeping almost exact pace with the increase in the number of motor vehicles. In the United States, according to our own National Safety Council, the increase of motor fatalities has approximated 50 per cent, of the increase in the number of motor cars. In other words, there are about 22,000,000 motor vehicles in the United States and there were 23,000 fatalities in 1926, or one plus a fraction fatality per 1,000 vehicles. In Great Britain there are slightly over 1,000,000 motor vehicles. There were 4,346 fatalities in 1926, or more than four fatalities per 1,000 vehicles.”

The “Courier” attributes the wide difference in the motor accident figures of the two countries to the earlier recognition in America of the problem of the automobile and the general adoption of preventive measures.

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