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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7 (November 1, 1927)

Popularising New Zealand

Popularising New Zealand.

The possibilities of New Zealand as a holiday resort (says the Railway Gazette) are becoming more apparent every day, thanks very largely to the enterprise and skill shown by the Government Publicity Office in Wellington from whom we have just received a welcome batch of four new publications specially designed to impress the prospective tourist and sportsman with the exceptional advantages offered by the “Paradise of the Pacific.” One of these, that bearing this apt description as a sub-title, is of the most artistic character, its colour pictures being particularly charming and demonstrating to the full the contention that “New Zealand has striking scenic contrasts.” In the second, but less elaborate publication, full justice is done to the Dominion's far-famed Alpine wonders, the letterpress being from the pen of Mr. Arthur P. Harper, F. R. G. S., an authority on the subject. The third publication deals with New Zealand purely from the sportsman's standpoint and contains many fine illustrations; while the fourth relates more particularly to the Dominion's industrial, agricultural and pastoral conditions. The last named runs to 104 pages, the illustrations and good printing being notable features.

View of new Tarpaulin Shop, Addington.

View of new Tarpaulin Shop, Addington.