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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7 (November 1, 1927)

Good Service Recognised. — Railway Business Agent Honoured

Good Service Recognised.
Railway Business Agent Honoured.

In recognition of his services to the farmers of Mid-Canterbury, a presentation was made last month to Mr. F. Pawson (Railway Business Agent) by members of the Mid-Canterbury Provincial Executive of the Farmers' Union. The President (Mr. H. C. B. Withell) referred to the wonderful sucess that had attended the recent farmers' Excursion to the West Coast, which was organised and personally conducted by Mr. Pawson. The recipient, states the “Ashburton Guardian,” was greeted with applause, and said it was difficult to express his feelings, but he would like to voice his appreciation of the gift. It was really a compliment to the Railway Department. There was no doubt that the advent of the Commercial Branch had had a wonderful effect upon the relations between the Department and the public, whom it was established to assist. He was there to do all he could for the farming community. Since the scheme of farmers' excursions had commenced, just under 2,000 farmers had been taken to Otago, Canterbury and the West Coast, and to places of interest in these centres. All who had made the trips had spoken very highly of them. In future they would have to get over the difficulty of taking a large party to a small district, and expense to the people visited would be considerably reduced.

The Wilson Station, Prague, Czecho-Slovakia.

The Wilson Station, Prague, Czecho-Slovakia.