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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 3 (July 1, 1927)



Cover Design by Stanley Davis (Railway Studios) “The Spiral, North Island Main Trunk.”

A New Railway Experiment 15
Among the Books (“British Railway Operations”) 2425
Board's Message-Accidents and Safety Measures 4
By Those Who Like Us 27
Canterbury Page 46
Current Comments 17
Derailment of Express Train at Timaru 42
Divisional Control 44
Editorial-Passenger Traffic 23
Electric Spot Welding Machine 31
Empire Builders 3839
Frankton Junction Improvements (photo) 35
In a Locomotive Stable 1214
Index 1
Modernising the Railways 3436
Motor Traffic, Springfield-Otira 43
New Principle in State Railway Construction 69
New Superintendent of Staff 5
Paderewski (Sir Ignace) 1011
Parcels Traffic by Train 16
Production Engineering 40
Production Methods of Newmarket 26
Promotions recorded during May 47
Safety First 22
Suggestions and Inventions 47
The Locomotive Running Department 33
Time-Its Determination and Distribution 2830
Tools of Steel 37
Transportation and a Simile 23
Variations in Traffic and Revenue 48
Wit and Humour 32