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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 3 (July 1, 1927)

Motor Traffic Between Springfield and Otira

page 43

Motor Traffic Between Springfield and Otira.

To meet the ever increasing rail traffic of motor cars between Springfield and Otira, the Department has now provided a new type of M. wagon for the conveyance of motor cars between these two stations. The facilities for loading and unloading have also had the attention of the Department, a special loading bank having been provided at Springfield and Otira, to enable owners to drive their autos straight on or off the wagons.

The new motor M. wagons have four collapsible sides, the ends of which, when lowered, form a pathway over and between each wagon. The loading banks, instead of being parallel with the rails, are constructed at the end of a bankshunt, the level of which is in line with the floor of the wagon. This enables the motorist to drive straight up on to the bank and on to the wagon, without the necessity of trying to manoeuvre his car into the ordinary M wagon.

To meet the demand for wagons during holiday time, U and Ub timber wagons are put into use, the ends being removed, and special loading boards provided. Since the new motor banks and wagons have been brought into operation, they have proved a boon to motorists, and many remarks commendatory of the Department's new facilities, have been made.

Passengers between Springfield and Otira, if they so desire, may travel by the same train as their motor car; a special carriage being attached, if necessary, to goods trains to accommodate travellers, thus avoiding a long wait for express trains.

Station Gardens.

The station gardens on the Dunedin section were recently judged by the Otago Women's Club. There was keen rivalry among the many entrants for the competition and the displays, generally, were a credit to the respective stations. Last year the first prize was awarded to Burnside, and as this garden is again in good trim it will require a more than ordinary effort to displace it from the lead. The competition was a happy thought on the part of the Club, and is doing a great deal towards making our stations attractive; last year was the first time a prize was awarded, and already the enterprise is bearing fruit as there have been many glowing remarks passed upon the pretty gardens which are kept along the line. In an early issue of the Magazine we hope to be able to reproduce a photo of this year's winning garden with those responsible for it.

Train-load of motor cars ready to be hauled through the Otira tunnel, South Island.

Train-load of motor cars ready to be hauled through the Otira tunnel, South Island.