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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 3 (July 1, 1927)


In Previous articles, there has been comment upon the welcome growth of healthy co-operation between the Home railways and their employees. Now comes striking evidence of the goodwill existing on the British lines in the restoration by the managements of the railwayman's “guaranteed week,” whereby each employee is assured of a full week's work irrespective of traffic offering.

The guaranteed week was suspended after the general strike of last year, and large numbers of railwaymen who misguidedly laid down tools were for long either totally unemployed or only employed for a limited number of days weekly. This was due to the tremendous drop in business arising out of the coal mining dispute. Only recently has traffic again begun to flow in normal volume. At the moment, there is not, strictly speaking, justification for the full-time employment of the whole of the men who ceased work last year, but as a gesture of goodwill the railway managements have arranged for the immediate full time employment of every man on the payroll.