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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 21, 1927)

Honesty That Amazed

Honesty That Amazed.

Under the above heading the “Dominion,” Wellington, tells the following experience of a visitor from Australia:—At least one Sydney visitor to Wellington has cause to speak well of its residents' sense of honesty, through his own experience. “When you lose money in Sydney you never expect to see it again—that would be asking too much,” said the visitor, “but in Wellington the chances seem to be altogether in favour of the loser reclaiming. My experience was simply this: I went to pay for two railway tickets to Trentham at one of the boxes outside the station during the races. Instead of passing over a tenshilling note and the odd silver I was careless enough to hand in an Australian ten-pound note, which is the same size and something of the colouring of your ten-shilling note. When I arrived at the course I discovered my loss, and considered it gone for ever, as anyone from Sydney would. Anyhow, I told the secretary (Mr Griffiths) my trouble, and he was good enough to ring up the railway station in town with my tale of woe, and, sure enough, one of the men in charge of a box had registered a tenner over cash. Can you imagine that happening in Sydney?”

Definite arrangements are made in all New Zealand booking offices for the detection of instances where errors of overpayment are made by customer purchasing tickets, any excess amounts discovered in balancing being placed to a suspense account and made available for refund to claimants—after due inquiry into the circumstances.