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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 21, 1927)

Car Comparisons

Car Comparisons.

It is well known that the British railways have pretty well universally adopted the compartment type of car, and, undoubtedly, with the huge crowds to be handled and the necessity for quick egress and access, they are the most suitable for those conditions. It does not necessarily follow, however, that that particular type would be the most suitable here, where different climatic and other conditions exist. In the compartment type there is a tendency for small parties of three or four passengers to monopolise the entire compartment by judiciously spreading their luggage over the seats. Single passengers, too, are often diffident about (what appears to them) breaking into small parties of the kind. For summer months it is probable that the covering material used for seats would be too hot for New Zealand conditions as well as being subject to the collection of dust.