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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 21, 1927)

Railway “Family” Tickets

Railway “Family” Tickets.

The “family” concession ticket issuable upon the New Zealand Railways, has, so far as we can discover, no counterpart on any other railway or transport system. It represents a genuine effort to reduce the handicap of large families when travelling. Inaugurated under the recently revised Tariff, it has proved a decided boon, in all parts of the Dominion, to those able to take advantage of it.

The “Ashburton guardian” quotes the following striking example of the working of the family concession ticket scheme. “This occurred in Ashburton the other day, when a woman and nine children traveled to Christchurch (53 miles) and back for 34 shillings, the amount of three ordinary fares. Such is the scope of the scheme that the father of the family could have traveled with then without any further expense. Had it been excursion time the tickets would have cost 24 shillings only.”