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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 10 (March 21, 1927)



First annual staff picnic of the District Traffic Manager's Office was held at Maidstone Park on Sunday, 6th February under ideal weather conditions. Approximately 160 adults and children attended. During the afternoon a cricket match was played between members of the “Longroom” staff, captained by Mr. J. Cameron, and the “Rest” under the guidance of Mr. R. H. Morgan. After a closely contested game the “Rest” were victorious by the narrow margin of one run; the scores being “Rest” 100, “Longroom” 99. A comprehensive sports programme was also enjoyed, the prizes being presented by Mr. Cameron to the saccessful competitors as under:—

100 yards open championship: Gill 1st, Hoare 2nd, Woodward 3rd.

75 yards single ladies’ race: Miss Armstrong 1st, Miss St. George 2nd, Miss Carr 3rd.

Railway Head Office, Wellington.

Railway Head Office, Wellington.

100 yards, men over 35 years: Goodlcy 1st, Emmins 2nd, Hoare 3rd.

75 yards married ladies' race: Mrs. Schierning 1st, Mrs. Parkes 2nd, Mrs. St. George 3rd.

100 yards married men's race: Gill 1st, O'Neill 2nd, Hoare 3rd.

440 yards relay race (4 men team): Staff division (Goodley, Gill, King and O'Flaherty) 1st, Records 2nd, Upper Hutt staff 3rd.

Elopement race. Final: Mr. Hay and Miss Morgan 1st, Mr. and Miss Rae 2nd.

100 yards Committeemen's race: Farnell 1st, Abrim 2nd, Hoare 3rd.

Committeemen's wives, race: Mrs. St. George 1st, Mrs. Schierning 2nd, Mrs. Emmins 3rd.

* * *

Mr. Bracefield, Officer in Charge of the Training School has recently organised a swimming club from among the Cadets attending the School. The first race of the season between the members of the club was recently contested over a 50 yards course at the Te Aro baths. Twelve competitors faced the starter, and a very close race resulted. Cadet W. Jeromson (11 sees.) was the first to finish, followed closely by Cadet R. R. Clarke (9 sees.). Time 41 sees. Handicapper, Mr. Bracefield.