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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6 (October 24, 1926)


At New Plymouth on 6th September the salient points of the working of the New Zealand Railways last year, popular fallacies regarding railway rates, the factors determining what the railway freight rates should be, and the nature and effect of road competition were subjects touched on by Mr. A. W. Wellsted, Commercial Agent for the Railway Department, in an address given at the weekly luncheon of the New Plymouth Rotary Club.

Mr. Wellsted emphasised to Rotarians the fact that the railways belong to the public of New Zealand, each member of the community being a shareholder in the huge co-operative concern. As such, the public should assist the railways to pay by giving their business to the railways. Instead of that, many people were at present mistakenly saving money in rail freights in order to pay out more in road rates and taxation.